Saturday 20 August 2016

[REVIEW] ABS Y40 10400mAh Power Bank

With the recent Pokémon GO craze and the fact that there hasn't been any break-through in battery technology for smartphones in recent years, most of us would pack a power bank with us whenever we head out. The same goes to me, coz, being stuck with a flat battery on my smart device is a pain. Power banks, or also known as battery packs, had long been a staple alternative to extending your smartphone battery life, ever since the introduction of touchscreen smartphones.

What is it?

ABS might sound like a foreign name for a Power Bank manufacturer, as they are the new kid on the block in the Malaysian market. The first of its kind, it boasts a 2-years 1-to-1 exchange warranty by its sole local distributor, C Two Gadget.

ABS has various models of power banks, but today, we'll be taking a look at the Y40 model, which defining features are its 10400mAh capacity, dual USB outputs, as well as compact design. You get a short, yet beefy, microUSB cable in the box, which can be used for charging the power bank off any standard USB wall charger, or be used for charging your smart devices via the power bank.

While it comes with dual USB power outputs, one of it has an output of 5V/1A, while the other has 5V/2.1A. While it may not be the latest Quick Charge standards, it is more than enough to charge at a fast pace. Charging of the power bank is done at 5V/2A max, which will cut down the time it takes to recharge it, and be ready to go again.

What's good?

  • 10400mAh with dual USB outputs is great. I can charge my Huawei Mate 8 almost two full times before the power bank is drained, giving me a total of 3 times of charge if I started off the day with a fully charged phone and power bank. More than enough for my daily use, even enough for a day of Pokémon GO hunting!
  • Quick to charge. Thanks to the 2.1A max output from Port 2, it's quick to charge up any connected device. In addition to that, having dual ports mean you can charge up to two devices simultaneously.
  • It recharges quickly too! The maximum recharging current is 5V at 2.0A, which means that it gets recharged to ready-to-use state a lot quicker than most other power banks that usually only take recharging current of 5V at 1.0A.
  • Compact size. The compact size of the power bank also means it is easily stored, perfect as a daily companion.
  • 2 years 1-to-1 exchange warranty! No other brands in Malaysia offers a similar deal.

What's Bad?

  • USB cable. While it might have came with a beefy USB cable, only 1 cable is bundled for a power bank with 2 USB outputs. Also, it would have been nice if the USB cable is one of those 2-in-1 type that has a swappable Lightning and Micro USB interface for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Dim LED indicators. While the ABS Y40 came with cool blue LED battery indicators, they are a little dim to check in brightly lit environments, which could be due to the design that has a plastic piece over the LED(s).

Should I buy it?

Are you looking for a power bank for your phone? If you are, especially with the recent Pokémon GO craze, well, yeah, you probably should. That game drains so much battery that you’re lucky to get a few hours of use out of your phone. Keeping a power bank in your backpack or handbag would be a good idea.

With 10400 mAh on tap, it'll be more than good enough for 2-3 full charges on your smartphone depending on your phone model. If you’re travelling soon, packing a power bank in your carry-on is a great idea too. You won't want to run out of battery on your device on a long-distance flight. That'll make the difference between a boring commute, or one filled with movies, games, or music from your device.

The best part of buying power banks from the ABS brand? You’re paying for the peace of mind, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 2 years 1-to-1 exchange warranty! Well, as long as you're purchasing the original ones distributed by C Two Gadget and their dealers listed below.

Where to buy?

The ABS Y40 10400mAh Power Bank costs RM99, you may purchase it from:
  • The entire list of ABS Product Dealers in Malaysia, click HERE to find out!
  • Official ABS Malaysia 11street online store, click HERE to visit their store. (In conjunction with Merdeka month, they are also running a sale with 20% - 30% discount. Promotion runs until 31 August 2016.)

Please follow ABS Malaysia on their Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates of their products and promotions.

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(Disclaimer: You should note that, while the product is supplied to me for reviewing purposes, this post is un-moderated, and hasn’t been edited by any parties in any way. The opinions expressed are those of my own judgement, based on my user-experience of using it.)

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