Monday, 3 October 2016

[REVIEW] Sista "Easy Go" Charge & Data Micro USB Cable

I had been looking for a shorter USB cable that supports fast charging, and happened to stumble upon the Sista Easy Go Charge & Data cable.

Short USB Cable

What is it?

You might not have heard of the brand, Sista(pronounced similar to "Sea-Star", a.k.a. Starfish), which originated from Hong Kong, but is currently headquartered in Shenzhen. Created by a group comprising members from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Malaysia, they are committed to creating products with a simple yet stylish appearance, with tested and proven quality. Combining both utility and fashion, to provide first-class products for digital enthusiasts all over the world.

Sista has a large range of products, though, at the moment, SistaMalaysia is only bringing in products comprising of chargers and cables. And, today, we'll be checking out their Charge & Sync cable from the Easy Go series, specifically, the Micro USB variant with model number ST-D02PV(also available in Lightning variant, ST-D02PI). Measuring 22cm in length, and supporting up to 2.1A, seems like the perfect cable to match with power banks! Not to mention it also comes in 6 different colours as shown below.

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